Virtual and Hybrid Meetings Platform

AI Connect is an easy to use platform for your virtual, hybrid or physical trade shows and events. Our meeting experts have 15 years experience. Don't just choose a platform, choose a team who will help you transition your shows in these uncertain times.


  • Easy to use
  • 1-to-1 or 1-to-many meetings
  • Attendee Search
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Virtual Speed Networking
  • AI-assisted matches
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Virtual or Hybrid or Physical Attendees
  • Stand, Table or Virtual Locations
  • Attendee Visibility Control
  • Timezones
  • Favourites
  • Manage Availability
  • Vitual Exhibitor Directory
  • Virtual Stand Meetings
  • Conference Sessions
  • Live Streaming
  • Video on Demand
  • Audience Interaction
  • Moderated Q&A
  • Polls & Quizzes
  • Meeting Ratings
  • Meetings Concierge
  • Chat Support
  • Event Analytics


"This platform was really amazing with just clicks to everything and everyone I needed. The system was just so simple to use! We were literally spoon fed!" Sheillah Nyatworo - Africa Travel Week Virtual 2021
"Well thank you for such a wonderful platform. I just finished my last 12th meeting of the day. A BIG THANK YOU to you and the entire team!!" Chandrika Rastogi - Africa Travel Week 2021
"The platform was very easy to use, and I had some great quality meetings and generally was great to also catch up with some already existing partners." Hussein Jiwani - Africa Travel Week Virtual 2021
"Although I will always prefer live meetings, the platform is working brilliantly, and I am able in most cases send follow-up between meetings. It's really very efficient!" Margot Dempsey - Africa Travel Week Virtual 2021
"Just a real quickie to say ‘WARMEST CONGRATS!!!! to Africa Travel Week!! Everything is running so incredibly well on your platform! " Sue Gulcher - Africa Travel Week Virtual 2021
"Had great productive meetings last night, the same this morning. The meeting platform is seamless, and the show is going very smoothly. Got to connect with my vendor from Uganda who will be handling my first group of 7 in June. Looking forward to some good networking" Jalpa Shah - Africa Travel Week Virtual 2021

What is AiConnect?

AiConnect is IT Event Management’s complete Conference, Content and Meeting platform for Exhibitions and Events.

We have used our 15 years of matchmaking experience and Event management software to bring this product to market.

Our Vision when developing the platform was to have the entire event running in one platform without extra apps to download, websites to drop out to or registration steps to lose participants.

All interactions should share a single calendar. The participant should see and manage meetings, sessions and their availability in their own calendar view thus allowing optimal use and planning of their day. This vision is fulfilled in AiConnect.

AiConnect offers Single integrated platform experience to all participants the event. Participants attend Plenaries, Sessions and Live interactions in platform, while also attending their meetings and visiting exhibitors’ stands.

Feature Listing

Business Connections in Structured Meetings

Structured meetings are often the key attraction of a trade show. The value of meeting with qualified buyers attracts exhibitors, and in turn, visitors and buyers are rewarded with access to more appropriate products and meetings in a short timeframe.


The AI Connect Matching can be integrated into our EMS system or a host of other registration platforms. Structured Meetings form part of the planning from the start of the application process. Participants are profiled during the application process and divided into categories that business rules can be applied to.

The Organizer can decide what each category can search for and meet with. For instance, Exhibitors may be allowed to meet with Buyers but not each other.

The Allocation Diaries to Exhibitor personnel is controlled within the system and can have limits and rules set by Category or Package. An entry level Exhibitor package may have 1 diary and 15 meetings where a more expensive package may offer 3 diaries and 50 meetings to allocate to the 3 diaries.

Some Categories of participation (Guests, Media ...) may not qualify for diaries, and can be excluded from the structured meetings. They can still have access to Sessions and other content.

Access to the scheduling and meeting tools are granted to participants well before the event. This allows Exhibitors and Buyers to search for potential meeting targets respectively, and schedule appointments for the event days well in advance.

Meetings Concierge

A Meetings Concierge service is offered for bigger events and exhibitions to assist with scheduling, profiling and meeting setups. This service is especially useful in helping participants meet contracted goals. For Example, Buyers may be required to have a set number of meetings to qualify for free accommodation and travel to the event. Failure to meet the contracted goal might result in financial implications. With Continual monitoring and feedback, the concierge team ensure the buyers are assisted and empowered to make and exceed the criteria.

Profiling and Matching tools

Participant's login and set:

  • Their matching profile – Who they are (Profile) and what type of companies they would like to meet (Targets) based on a wide range of criteria.
  • Their Time zone. This makes it easier for potential buyers to manage meetings and specify their availability in their local time. This allows them to not be available for excessively early or late meetings in their own time zone.
  • Their availability – what slots in their personal calendar can be filled with meetings (Some slots can be filled with compulsory sessions like Opening Functions) .
  • Participants are presented with top 10 suggested matches based on their profiling and targets calculated by the system algorithms. Easy meeting scheduling is available for these matches from the attendee’s page.
  • Participants can also search for more meeting targets using the extensive search tools based on matching criteria and then requesting meetings.
    • Requests are emailed out to the target participant along with short profile of the participant requesting the meeting along with accept and decline functionality.
    • Meetings are displayed in Meetings Calendar before event and My Event during show.
    • Unconfirmed meetings can be expired after an agreed amount of time has lapsed.
  • Participants will attend meetings virtually or physically based on their participation.
  • These meetings appear on the participants My Event diary along with any Conference sessions booked.
  • If both parties are attending physically the meeting will be on the Exhibitor stand and not virtual.
  • Virtual Participants will attend meetings virtually, whereby both parties join an Audio/Video call from link in My Event page. Functionality allows shared screens, live video and text chat.

Speed networking

Speed networking is an opportunity for a group, say Exhibitors, to meet with another, sought-after, high value group of individuals, for example Buyers or Government officials. Due to the nature of the high value group, their time is limited and not everyone will have an opportunity to have a formal 30min meeting with them. This gives these exhibitors a second byte at the apple to have a time limited (usually 5min) short meeting with the high value group. Traditionally this was achieved by standing in queues in front of Buyers and hoping to get a turn for a short meeting. Our platform facilitates the process in a far less stressful, more dignified and controlled manner.

Key Aspects:

  • Appropriate participants from selected categories are auto scheduled for the Speed Networking session with opt out option.
  • Multiple Speed Networking sessions can be setup if profiling or regional breakdown requires different groupings of Buyers and Exhibitors.
  • Meeting times are firmly controlled and limited and access to Buyers is fair for all participants.
  • Buyers view Exhibitor’s profile as part of request and decline the meeting if they so choose.
  • Buyer’s time is optimized for maximum meetings in the allocated time far exceeding the physical counterpart.
  • All contacts made are logged and available for vCard download allowing for easy follow-up post event.

Exhibitor Directory and Drop-in Meetings.

The Exhibitor Directory is an attractive, searchable listing of Exhibitors, with Logo’s, introduction text, profiling and matching fields, stand contacts and a detailed product listing.

Exhibitor Directory and Drop-in meetings offer a close simulation of the normal stand interactions between Exhibitors on the stands and visitors to a physical show. The Virtual and Hybrid model allows exhibitors to be ready to receive guests in designated timeslots online, and for Visitors to simply drop into the stands they find interesting. This allows free conversation and browsing, very much like a traditional show.

By dedicating part of the day to a specific Drop-in session the visibility of the exhibitors is greatly enhanced.

After a successful meeting, contacts made are listed in the My Contacts with vCard downloads that can be saved to your device.

My Event Page and Conference sessions.

The My Event page is the primary interface for experiencing the event once the event becomes live.

The My Event page is the springboard for all interactions and is based on a combined, personalised view of booked Conference sessions, Direct interaction sessions and Structured meetings.

Key features

  • Dynamic navigation with notifications and live session highlight and focus tools.
  • Agenda driven sessions with integration into structured meeting diary.
  • In Browser experience – no app install, no separate accounts or registrations.
  • HD Video Streaming supporting Live, Simulated-Live and Pre-Recorded Content.
  • Audience interaction is built in with moderated Q&A, Quizzes and Polls.
  • Multiple simultaneous sessions are supported.
  • Live reporting on viewers and valuable post attendance reporting.
  • Automatic re-watch functionality.
  • Live Zendesk support insures a great participant experience.

Exhibition Management system (EMS)

The EMS system is a Web based user-friendly tool for exhibition managers to control every aspect of the show from one backend.

The Controls are customised to each exhibition but in general include tools to manage:

  • Exhibitor application, approval, placement and exhibitor staff.
  • Sharing Exhibitors Application/approval and reporting.
  • Application/approval and reporting.
  • Buyer, Media, Delegate and other Visitor Application/approval, payment and reporting
  • Show-Badges and Diary allocations.
  • Communication tools are included to send newsletters, confirmations, cancelations and several other attendee communications.
  • Extensive standard and custom reporting are available.
  • Tracking of all system interactions by Participants and Exhibition Organisers for use when answering queries.

The EMS frontend includes marketing and information pages but is mostly focused on promoting and facilitation of applications to attend.

The EMS frontend includes marketing and information pages but is mostly focused on promoting and facilitation of applications to attend.

EMS can be integrated with accounting packages like SAGE (Pastel) and Access Accounting. It also integrates with Stand Drawing and placement tools. CRM integration is supported as well.

The EMS platform is scalable and modular, catering for 50 exhibitor events right up to some of the biggest exhibitions with 1500 or more exhibiting companies.

Pricing is based on your specific requirements, functionality and integration needs.